Adult Acting workshops:  $120.00 for a one day workshop. Workshops are held every 3rd Saturday of the monath on a quarterly rotation except on holidays.  The first class will be held on Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 10am to 2:30pm. This class includes: head shots, bio,  video resume, and leads.  So come photo ready with natural make up and a solid color shirt.  

Workshop Year Schedule: Classes began at 10:00AM to 2:30PM

September 15, 2018

December 15, 2018


​March 16, 2019

June 22, 2019








·                 Audition Practice 

  ·                 On Camera TV Classes

·                 Photo Movement

·                 Poise and Posture

·                 Product and Fashion Ads

·                 Commercial Acting

·                 Self-Confidence Development

·                 On Stage Showmanship

·                 Voice and Diction

·                 Monologues

  ·                 Improvisation 

  ·                Essential Interview Skills

  ·                 Art of Self Promotion

·                Industry Information

Children Drama Classes:

Student classes (ages 5 - 16) are $60.00 a month.  Students learn acting, stage directions, and writing techniques.  At the end of the nine month class students will write and perform their own play.

Dance Fees & Prices:
Registration Fee- $40.00 (The deposit pays for your child's tights and bodysuit.) 
Shoes are sold in house separately.  

                     Monthly Tuition


        Ages 2- 3 (Mommy & Me) includes movement, tumbling, and yoga $45/month


        Ages 3 - 4 combo classes (1 hour) (includes ballet, jazz, and tap):  $50/month

        Ages 5- 6 combo classes (1 hour) (includes ballet, jazz, and tap):  $50/month

        Ages 7- 8 combo classes (1 hour) (includes ballet, jazz, and hip hop):  $50/month


*Add on (45 min. hip hop combo class) for ages 4 to 6:  

additional     $15/month


    Ages 9 to 13 base class (1 hour) (includes ballet/lyrical, jazz, and hip hop): $50/ month        

*Add on (50 min. cheernastic/street jazz class) for ages 5 to12:  additional $15/month

  Ages 14 to 18 years old Hip Hop II class only (1 hour): $45/month

Add on Tap class  $15/month

Ages 14 to 18 base combo class

(1 hour class includes ballet,lyrical, and jazz ) $50/month


*Add on (60 min. Point class) for ages 14 to18:  additional $20/month

*Add on dance class if you are in acting (ages 5 & up):   additional $15/month


Parade/Special Event Team:      $55/month

*Add on Parade Team to Artz students:   additional $15/month



          Referral discount: Deduct $5 off tuition for the month for every referral

     student that stays in class and has paid tuition for that month.

     Discount begins as soon as new referral student pays registration and tuition.          


Costume Fees:

                         X-Small/Small/Medium Child:      $50 each

                         Large/XL Child:                               $55 each

                         Adult Small, Medium, & Large:     $60 each

                         Adult XL/ XXL:                                  $70 each

   *Ages 2 - 6 base combo classes require 2 costumes

Ages 7 & up base combo classes require 3 costumes

Add-on age 4 - 6 tap/hip hop 1 class requires 2 costumes

Add-on age 14 – 18 hip hop 2 class requires 1 costume

Recital/Production Fee:

$145 per family (additional siblings in family add $15/per student)

Each family receives 1 souvenir ad/program book per student, 

2 recital tickets, trophy/award, & recital t-shirt. Additional end of the

year optional fees include cost for pictures, ads, and DVD

                             Acting Classes




































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